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Coventry Positive Choices Young Person's Service is a free and confidential young person's integrated risk taking behaviour service for young people from the age of 5, their families, carers and affected others.

We support young people who might be experiencing difficulties and/or facing risks around sexual health, substance misuse and unhealty partner relationships and those affected by a significant others substance use . By intervening early and delivering supportive interventions we intend to help young people identify their strengths and build their resilience in the hope that they realise their full potential.


We have a really friendly team of experienced and trained resilience workers, who will work with the young person to achieve their goals around being safer, healthier and happier through motivational work, education and practical support. They will often see the young person in school/college, at the Positive Choices offices or in a convenient community venue such as a family hub. They will also liaise with other professionals or involved agencies to ensure joined up working for the young person's best interests.


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Address Positive Choices
23-25 City Arcade
West Midlands
Telephone Number(s) 02476 553130
Email coventryyp.info@cgl.org.uk
Website www.changegrowlive.org/young-people/coventry-young-persons-service
Services Availiable
  • Children Sexual Exploitation


Fantasy sex, fantasy bodies? Most people don't look like people in porn films, perfect teeth, perfect skin, big breasts and big penises.


Sexting’ is where people share naked or partially naked pictures or videos by mobile phones, webcams and social networking sites.

Is this Abuse?

If you're in a relationship with a partner who makes you feel unhappy or frightened you don’t have to put up with it!

Loved or used?

Good or bad relationships  


Grooming is when someone builds an online relationship with a child or young person and tricks or forces them to do something sexual.

Teen Relationship Abuse

While we think that this could never happen to our child, the truth is that teenage relationships are often abusive.

Child Sexual Exploitation

 A person under 18 is sexually exploited when they are pressured into sexual activities by one or more person(s) who use their youth and inexperience to force them to have sexual activity.

Relationships & Sex

Information to help you be in controlaware, confident to have positive, healthy relationships and stay safe

Sex and the Law

In UK you have to be 16 or older to have homosexual (gay) or heterosexual (straight) sex. Forcing someone to have sex is a crime.

R U Ready?

Sometimes it seems like everyone is 'doing it' but only YOU can answer the question: Is this the right time for me?

Talking to your partner about sex

Why should I talk to my partner about sex? - there are lots of things you both need to talk about, such as are we ready?


No information will be passed on to anyone like your parents, teachers, GP/family doctor or social worker without your knowlege.

Why do we need to have difficult conversations?

If young children ask questions like, 'Where do I come from?' It's important that you tell them the truth - learn how to


Sexting’ is where people share indecent (naked) pictures or videos through mobile phones, webcams and social network sites.

Online Grooming

Grooming is befriending a child/young person and sometimes the family, to encourage the child/young person to trust them.


Children and young people can watch porn very easily via the internet either by accident through website popups and misleading links

Contraception Advice
Pregnancy Advice
Termination Services
Chlamydia Testing
Support for
young people